Family portrait sessions are a wonderful way to capture the love, connection, and cherished moments shared among family members.

One of the key elements that contribute to stunning and meaningful family portraits is the choice of clothing. Picking the right outfits can elevate the overall look of your photos and create a cohesive and visually pleasing outcome.

Check out the following ten essential tips to help you select the perfect clothes for your next family portrait session, ensuring you create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

1. Understand Your Vision

Begin by envisioning the style and emotions you want to convey in your family portraits.

Determine if you’d like a fun and playful vibe or a more formal and sophisticated look.

Understanding your vision will guide you in selecting appropriate clothing that aligns with the essence you wish to capture.

2. Consider the Location

Take into account the location of your portrait session, whether it’s at home, outdoors, or in a studio. The surroundings and backdrop will influence your clothing choices.

For example, outdoor sessions may call for earthy tones to harmonize with nature, while a studio setting might allow for more creative outfit options.

3. Coordinate, Don’t Match

Avoid dressing everyone in identical outfits, but instead, opt for coordinating colors and patterns.

Choose a color palette that complements each other, creating a harmonious look without appearing too uniform.

4. Emphasize Comfort

Comfort is key, especially when photographing families with children.

Ensure that everyone feels comfortable in their outfits, as this will reflect in your natural and relaxed expressions during the session.

5. Keep It Timeless

While trendy clothing can be appealing, consider opting for timeless and classic pieces that won’t look outdated in the years to come.

This ensures your family portraits remain cherished and relevant for generations.

6. Dress for the Season

If your portrait session is outdoors and during a specific season, dress accordingly.

Embrace seasonal attire, layering options, or accessories that enhance the overall theme of your photos.

7. Mind the Location’s Decor Style

If you plan to display your family portraits in a particular room or area of your home, take note of the decor style and colors in that space.

Coordinating your clothing with the room’s aesthetics can create a seamless and elegant display.

8. Plan for Variety

Consider incorporating a mix of outfit styles during your portrait session.

Having both formal and casual options provides diversity in your photos and allows you to showcase different aspects of your family’s personality.

9. Include Personal Touches

Incorporate accessories or clothing items that hold sentimental value or reflect your family’s hobbies and interests.

These personal touches add depth to your portraits and make them truly unique.

10. Ensure a Perfect Fit

At least a week before your family portrait session, encourage all family members to try on their chosen outfits to ensure a perfect fit.

Avoid clothes that are too loose or too tight, as they can detract from the overall polished look in your photographs. Clothing that is too loose might appear baggy and shapeless, while outfits that are too small can lead to puckering and discomfort.

By ensuring that everyone’s clothes fit well and flatter their individual body types, you can enhance the overall appearance of your family portraits and feel more confident and relaxed during the session.


Your family portrait session is an opportunity to create lasting memories that you’ll treasure forever. By following these ten tips, you can confidently select the perfect clothes for your next family portrait session.

Remember to consider your vision, location, and overall style while keeping comfort and timelessness in mind. By planning ahead and embracing personal touches, your family portraits will capture the genuine love and connection shared among your loved ones, creating timeless and cherished keepsakes for generations to come.


At Lenora Stein Photography, we understand that selecting the right wardrobe for your family portrait session can be a challenging decision, especially for busy parents juggling multiple responsibilities. That’s why we are dedicated to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for our clients.

When you book a session with us, rest assured that our services include expert guidance with the entire “what to wear” process. From understanding your vision and analyzing the portrait location to suggesting color palettes, coordinating outfits, and emphasizing comfort, we will be with you every step of the way.

Our goal is to ensure that you and your family look and feel your best, allowing us to capture the genuine love and connection that makes your family unique.

Let us take care of the wardrobe details so you can focus on creating beautiful memories during your family portrait session.

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