If you want to build a unique personal brand this year, you’ll need to do more than just decide how you want to present yourself. You also need to create a strong online presence that accurately reflects who you are, and visual content is a key part of that.

Being an entrepreneur in today’s age is more than just creating a business, it’s about creating a brand – and what better way to do that then with professional photos?

Before you book your next personal branding session ask yourself these 6 questions to make sure the photographer is right for you.

1. How frequently do you take personal branding photographs?

It’s important to find a photographer with expertise in personal branding shoots.

While many photographers are skilled, not all have extensive experience in this area.

Look for someone who can understand your vision and has a portfolio to showcase their ability to bring it to life.

2. Where do you typically take photographs?

To fully convey your visual story, it’s important to have the option of choosing locations that work best for your brand and personality.

While there’s nothing wrong with shooting in a studio, you should also find out if the photographer is willing to shoot in other locations as well.

This could include your office, home, or favorite coffee shop, as location often plays a key role in storytelling.

3. How much are your branding sessions and what’s included?

Ask about the different sessions available and discuss which of these sessions makes the most sense for your needs. Please keep in mind any marketing plans you have in the next few months.

Consider the number of images, retouching choices, options for cropping, and the quality (size) of the digital files when making your decision.

4. What is your process?

To ensure that your photos accurately represent your brand, it’s important that your photographer has a process in place that helps them understand your vision.

This process should include time to discuss your business, clients, and marketing strategies.

5. How will you help me visualize my branding session?

To ensure that your photographer captures your vision accurately, consider using image-heavy platforms like Pinterest boards for collaboration.

This can help both you and your photographer have a clear visual reference for the kind of imagery and story you want your photos to convey.

6. How long does it take to receive my images after the session?

Knowing when to expect the finished product can reduce stress and confusion. It will also help you plan for your upcoming marketing strategies.

Scheduling a personal branding session is a great way to showcase your business and the services you offer.

To ensure that your photos accurately represent your brand and personality, it’s important to include these questions before booking.

If you ask the right questions, you can find a great photographer who can capture your brand’s essence and create visually appealing images.

With an experienced photographer, you can be confident that your personal branding photo shoot will be a success.

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