Are you looking for a way to stand out from the competition? Do you have trouble finding just the right picture to use on your website, marketing materials, or social media post? Are you currently using stock photos that are also popular with others in your industry?

What if I told you that Personal Brand Photography was the solution?

Personal brand photography provides you with the ability to tell stories. Stories are a collection of pictures representing you, your personality & your business.

Keep reading to find out how Personal Branding Photography can help you stand out from the competition and shine!

  1. Personal branding photos show your customers your truth and story  

Ask yourself, why do you do what you do? Who do you help? What motivates you?

When Personal branding photography is done well, it allows you to show your audience that you walk your talk. You enjoy what you do!

For example, let’s say you own a floral shop and your favorite assistant is Hank, a golden labrador.   You adopted Hank from the local shelter 3 years ago and every day he’s been helping you open the store, keeping you company while you work & socializing with your guests.

Preparing flower arrangements for birthday parties, holidays & weddings brings you joy and you know the beauty of gorgeous flowers brings happiness and smiles to your customers.

All of these actions are easy to describe with words, but personal branding photography can help you get the message across with pictures. These pictures include you, your store, your flowers, and, most importantly, your assistant Hank.

The following are examples of personal branding images (stories) you could include in your session:

  • You & Hank opening the store
  • You preparing floral arrangements
  • You greeting a guest
  • Hank greeting a guest
  • You & your guest talking
  • You & your guest enjoying some tea while looking at flowers

Personal branding images help you share your passions, your story. They help you connect with your audience and bring visual life to your words whether they are in a Facebook post, your website, or within your marketing materials.

These pictures are unique to you. And when done correctly, they not only show your brand but for your personality!

  1. Your location or backdrop shares details about your personal brand as well

When you’re planning a personal branding photoshoot, ask yourself “what story do I want to tell?” In the case of the florist mentioned above, one of your locations is most definitely your store. For those of you that provide a service that doesn’t require a store, think about where you meet your clients. Are you a fitness coach that trains in the local park or at the client’s home? If you operate a local business, choose places that are well known to your audience. (Like a popular local coffee shop, a favorite park or other popular hangouts like town center.)

Now, let’s say your business is 100% online or perhaps you’re a social influencer. You help clients all over the world but only online. Your personal branding photography is more important than ever since it’s likely the first and only way your audience will encounter you.

Your choice of locations may also include places you spend time when you’re not working or places that provide you with inspiration.

What do you want your personal brand photos to say about you?

Are you a city girl living in a loft apartment downtown? Some background ideas would include:

  • Crowded streets
  • Traffic lights
  • Glass buildings
  • Sculptures
  • Stucco walls
  • Alleyways

Do you love the country and spend most of your off time outside enjoying nature? Popular locations would include:

  • Local parks and lakes
  • A nearby field of wildflowers
  • Park benches
  • Dirt trails
  • Old wooden post fence

When thinking about the stories you want your personal brand photos to tell, think about the content you share in your newsletters, blogs & social media posts. Which backgrounds bring color & life to the words you’ve shared?

  1. What you wear for personal branding photos helps your audience visualize your true personality and approach to the world 

The clothes you wear can tell a lot about your energy and passion.

Let’s say you own a pilates studio and enjoy spending time at home with your dog.

Your wardrobe consists of:

  • 20 pairs of yoga pants
  • assorted sports bras
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • and a few cotton t-shirts.

Your brand colors are neutrals and your content is all about health, serenity & positive energy.

You might first think you need to go shopping for a new dress, but this wouldn’t represent your brand, your true personality or style.      You’re casual and laid back. Instead of shopping, discuss with your photographer a session that includes photos of you in your studio, at home, and walking your dog at the park.

On the other hand, what if you’re a social influencer that blogs about fashion? Clothes, shoes, and purses are your world. You love bright & bold colors and never shy away from polka dots and stripes. You’re high energy and love being around people.

Focus on creating a session that allows for multiple wardrobe changes and various backgrounds. You can start outside in an urban area or downtown where the people gather before moving it indoors to a coffee shop where you invite your friends to join in on the fun.

In summary, select clothes that fit and are comfortable. Wear something that makes you feel confident. Ask your photographer for the ability to allow for outfit changes. Not only will you have multiple looks, but you’re also making great use of the time spent in front of the camera. Think about your style and personality and then show it off!

  1. Adding props to your personal branding photos not only adds interest but they can also help tell your story.

Props can be added to create a pop of color or interest. They may be something as simple as a mobile phone, a laptop, or a desk. At other times you may want to add a pop of color that either enhances the background or adds an element of your brand color.

The most common props used would be the products you sell. Personal branding photos are a fantastic way to show off your products being used or displayed.

Continuing with our florist example, some of the many images you could curate are:

  • you handing a customer a beautiful vase arrangement
  • your floral arrangement on a dining room table set up for an elegant dinner
  • an image of you in your work area creating an arrangement
  • an image of baby’s breath, ribbons & scissors (tools of the trade)
  • a close-up of your hands creating an arrangement

Talk to your photographer about the many ways your products are used and then determine how best to show these items in your photos. You may want to call a couple of friends to model as clients.

  1. Using personal branding photos as a way to share your personal life with your audience.

How you spend your mornings and weekends is just as much a part of your personality as what you do at work and your fans want to know! These photos not only help tell your story, but they also allow your fans to come behind the scenes where they can truly get to know you.

Going back to our florist and her dog Hank, one of her stories may be about how they enjoy going for long walks in the forest every Sunday morning. Do you have children? Perhaps your Sundays are spent fishing at the neighborhood pond with your family. Sharing these stores with your audience brings them a tiny bit into your world. These images & stories will resonate with your audience and who knows, they may be saying “Hey! I enjoy walking my dog too. Or, I also fish with the family on the weekends.”

Hopefully, this article has you thinking about your brand and audience. Ask yourself, “what stories can I tell that highlight my business, my personality, and my passions?”

Oh, and by the way, if you’re interested in Personal Branding Photography, let’s talk! Set up a free consultation today.

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