As a lover of all things nature, I quickly became a social media follower of Ankita’s.

She’s so full of energy & creative enthusiasm, I couldn’t help myself!

My DIY Terrarium was founded in 2015 while Ankita lived in Canada.  Now living in Texas, she continues to perfect her terrarium art and design skills as each piece is handcrafted using only the highest-grade plants.

The primary goal of Ankita’s branding photo shoot was to create professional, high-quality images that showed the details of her living wall art.

Ankita creates pieces both small & large that work perfectly on the walls of restaurants, offices, lobbies, and more.   The problem we faced was how could we produce images for use when marketing to other businesses.

The solution was to create PNG files that could be dropped into room views on Canva.  Ankita can now create designs of her living wall art which will help her clients visualize the final presentation.

We also updated her headshot & took a few images of her creating & working with her team.

Oh, if you’re a Groot fanatic, she’s got you covered!

You can find her products online at Etsy or at one of the many local markets.  Her website is

Enjoy the highlights!


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