If I had to describe Robert with only two words, it would have to be “southern gentleman”.

Robert is a husband, father, veteran, & Patriot.  Raised by men who love the American Flag and all it represents.

Always smiling, it’s without a doubt that he’s found his happy place with Old Glory Financial.

Helping people with their financial goals is in his blood.  This became super clear as I watched him answer any & all questions posed by our models during our photo shoot.

The goals of Robert’s photo shoot was to provide images that showed him:

  • presenting
  • assisting clients
  • teaching
  • being friendly, trustworthy, & personable

We also planned for a “hero” image for his website along with a few images showing the “before” stage of his clients.

We also ensured to select a location that matched his brand.  Note the flag artwork on the wall.

This shoot was a huge success and so much fun!

Enjoy the highlight images.


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