Do you want an image of yourself that expresses your unique and interesting personality? Consider banishing the studio and choose an outdoor session for headshot and personal brand photos!

First, what is the difference between these two types of images?

  • Headshot photos are typically cropped to show your head down to your upper chest. It’s almost all about your expression.  What do your eyes and smile convey?
  • Personal Branding photos are a bit different, showing more of you, your personality and the context of your business or interests. Some personal branding images may be cropped like a headshot, but most will feature the rest of your figure and include some special background interest.

Whatever your portrait need, there’s no reason to restrict your options to an indoor studio. Here are 7 compelling ideas to head outdoors and add unique variety and energy to your headshot or personal branding photos.

  1. Explore Natural Light. The sun provides some of the most beautiful lighting when it comes to photography. From the even lighting of an overcast day to dappled shade, or the direct lighting of sunrise and sunset, outdoor lighting offers endless possibilities and moods.
  1. Limitless Background Options. Taking your photo shoot outdoors opens up multiple looks, often within a short walking distance. You are no longer limited to black, gray, or white paper. The outdoor background you choose helps set the mood and message of your image.
  • Are you the owner of a local business? Include your storefront or the urban neighborhood around your store.
  • A commercial Realtor might seek out bold architecture as a focus.
  • Nature lovers can be found enjoying trees, parks, or streams.
  • Does the sea call to you? A marina or sailboat may be your muse.
  1. Unique Posing. There are no limits! Sitting, standing, leaning against a tree, looking at the camera or looking away, interacting with others, dancing, skipping, having fun, or thinking seriously–what best expresses who you are?
  2. The beauty of Bokeh. Intentionally shoot your background out of focus for surreal, soft, and blended color. Keep the focus on you, not the background. You understand that there are trees behind you, but the photos don’t show the texture & details of the background.
  3. Multiple Outfits. Select a location with a nearby restroom that provides a place to change clothes. This allows you to take both formal and casual images.
  4. Props everywhere! That park bench, those stairs leading to a doorway, this colorful wall, that playground equipment–your options are unlimited. Look for backgrounds and/or objects that match one of your branding colors. You can also bring along your own props to illustrate your personality or brand. How about your laptop, phone, book or magazine, your colorful glasses or your canine office mascot?
  5. Outside Elements. Take advantage of those gifts the outdoors has to offer: the soft breeze in your hair or that movement in your skirt. These casual elements express your personality & approachability

Yay!  7 great reasons why you should consider an outdoor session for your next headshot or personal branding photo shoot.

Have fun!  Explore the vast landscape outdoor photography has to offer and show off your unique or quirky personality.

To learn more, check out my 8 Tips Towards a Successful Branding Photo Shoot freebie for both Personal & Business Branding tips.

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