Your relationship with your dog may be one of the most important bonds in your life. They really do have an incredible influence on our health and wellbeing.

But what about the relationships our dogs have with people or other dogs outside of our home?

The following are 10 people/professions that have helped us out at one time or another.

How many pet lovers do you count on to make yours and your dog’s life as wonderful as possible?

  1. YOU! 

We have two Labrador mixes that truly do have us wrapped around their pinky paw toes.

My favorite time with them is first thing each morning when we grab the leashes and head out for our morning walk. It’s early enough that most humans are still in bed or getting ready for work. 

So, it’s just us and the occasional wildlife passing through.

In what unique ways do you and your pet bond? 

  1. Their trusted veterinarian. 

Next to you, your dog’s vet may be the most important person in their life, so it’s vital that you cement that relationship with an annual check-up in addition to visiting when your pet doesn’t feel well.

Our vet is True Companion and we’ve been taking our dogs there for 16 years. The entire staff has always been kind and they truly want what’s best for my girls.

  1. Their soothing groomer. 

A genuine bond between a dog and their groomer often lasts a lifetime.

A great groomer can take a stressful bath event and turn it into a feel-good spa day.

Not all dogs require professional grooming but for those that do, having someone that is trained at both grooming and helping your dog stay relaxed during the process is a “keeper”.

  1. Their experienced trainer or behaviorist. 

Your dog’s trainer is both their coach and therapist. Their relationship can be life changing.

They not only help you teach your pet how to navigate human expectations, but they are also there to answer fitness and behavioral questions throughout their life.

  1. Their good-time dog walker.

Cue all the butt wiggles when the dog walker shows up! When you can’t be home, the dog walker is the one you and your dog trust for potty breaks, exercise, and just plain good fun.

When we first moved into our current home, we didn’t have a doggie door or a fence, so all potty breaks were on a leash.

At the time, we were working away from home for 10 or more hours so finding a local dog walker was essential.

  1. Their reliable pet sitter. 

Some dogs grow to really love their dog sitter, whether they are a professional or your generous nearby neighbor.

Not only do they go to great lengths to make sure your pet has loving company, food, water, and exercise, they make sure your home is safe and secure, too.

For us, a dog/house sitter is part of our vacation budget. I love being able to travel all while knowing that my girls are being taken care of in their own home.

Bonus: Our sitter stays and sleeps at the house which assists with security.

  1. Their best furry friend. 

Humans are great, but when it comes to romping in the yard or curling up for a nap, some dogs really enjoy the company of their own fuzzy kind.

Awhile back, we had one dog, and her name was Sydney. She loved playing fetch!

However, at the time, she was our only dog and we started to notice that she was beginning to lose interest in playing. She slept more. She acted “older”.

We knew she was healthy, but we also knew that she was home alone most of the day while we were at work.

The solution? Adopting another dog! Within a few days, Sydney was young and playful self again.

If your pet craves companionship from a fellow canine, call a fellow dog parent for a hike or a playdate. Or if there is room in your heart and your home, it may be time to adopt another dog as a fulltime best friend. 

  1. Your own best friend. 

Sometimes, does it seem like your dog is more excited to greet your best friend than you?

I have a friend that travels a lot so she’s currently unable to care for a dog of her own.  However, to get her doggie fix in, she regularly visits bringing plenty of doggie treats & toys for my fur babies.

Yep, they’re spoiled rotten!

  1. Their affectionate Grand-pawrents. 

Let’s face it – if your parents love dogs, chances are good your dog loves them, too. Even if the toy basket is stuffed full, family members love to bring treats or a new toy for the “grandpup”

If they live close by, they may do double-duty as their dog sitter or walker, too!

I remember one New Year’s Eve that my mom stayed at our house so Mark & I could go downtown for an overnight party. You see, fireworks are super popular in my neighborhood but definitely not a favorite of my girls.

  1. Your dog loving family photographer. 

Your dog IS a member of the family and should be included in your family portraits. When choosing a photographer be sure to select one that specializes in both humans and dogs.

Check out their website for images and a style you love. In addition, make it a point to ask them about their experience with handling both humans and dogs at the portrait session.   

Who are the people in your dog’s relationship circle?

Friend, family, or professional, be sure to let them know how much you both appreciate their expertise, care, and affection. A note, text, or just a heartfelt “thank you” will say aloud what your pet can only articulate with a happy nudge and welcoming eyes.

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