Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

Who am I?

My name is Lenora Stein.  I recently celebrated my 26th wedding anniversary with my husband Mark and we are doggie parents to our shelter rescues Katie and Daisy.

During a recent family vacation to Canyon Lake, we discovered that both Katie and Daisy love nature hikes as much as we do.  This was also the trip that Katie finally accepted her new sister Daisy.

Why photography?

I grew up in a home with images of our family, which has now grown to a least six generations, all printed and framed.  Hung on the walls, sitting on tabletops, the piano & bookshelves.  Heck, my Mom also had our most recent school pictures safely tucked away in her purse.  Always handy should she have the opportunity to brag.

Like my Mom, I also value having family portraits displayed around the home.  The only difference?  I always suggest including the entire family.  Yep!  Dogs, cats, horses & other non-human family members are always welcomed.

I’m also a business owner that understands the value of building relationships within the community and online.  Networking in person or on social media requires you to put your best self forward.  I believe there comes a point in time when selfies no longer get the job done.

What do I do?

I create images and artwork that tell your story.

The time when:

  • the new puppy arrived
  • you needed a headshot
  • you discovered that personal branding images would take your business to the next level
  • you decided to update your website with your images instead of stock photography
  • you realized that all the kids have grown up and you’re about to become an empty nester
  • you decided to use photography to help showcase and sell your products

Photo Credit: Margaret Bryant

What is my superpower?

I can spot a puppy a mile away!  You know those memes showing a picture of a gorgeous, muscular firefighter holding a puppy?  You guessed it!  I only have eyes for the little fur baby.

What is my weakness? (Other than puppies)

That would be colors.  I’m never happy with the set of 48 colors if I know there’s a set of 72 available.  Did you also grow up envious of the kids that owned the box of 64 crayons that included the sharpener?

What do I get nerdy about?

Two words: office supplies.  There’s something about file folders, desk organizers, notebooks and highlighters (all the colors!) that get me all giddy inside.  I was that kid.  The one that loved shopping for school supplies.

Everyone has a story to tell and I would be honored to tell yours.

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